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Major League Soccer and its players union agreed to various provisions as part of the 2010 collective bargaining agreement. The pact established a new minimum salary.
What is the average salary for a Canadian Football League.
What is the average salary of a Canadian Football player? according to the site the average salary is 55K Canadian
What Is the League Minimum Salary for Canadian Football.
The Canadian Football League salaries vary. This is mostly influenced by level of experiences and the team you play for. The average salary is about $50,000.
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How to Try Out for Canadian Football Teams. In Canada, the Canadian Football League, or CFL, is the equivalent of the National Football League (NFL) in the U.S.
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Apr 14, 2014  · B.C.’s once-lagging minimum wage, which rose to a respectable $10.25-an-hour today, may be fixed for now — but not for long, I argue in my .
What is the minimum salary in the arena football league?
What is the league minimum salary for Canadian Football? $30,000 is the minimum salary in the CFL. What is the minimum salary for a arena football kicker?
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The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league that constitutes one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America.
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The Canadian Football League (CFL) (Ligue canadienne de football (LCF) in French) is a professional sports league located in Canada. The CFL is the highest level of.
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Core Program Components Summary. Maximum Salary Expenditure Cap (SEC) of $4.3M established for 2011. Effective Enforcement Measures including: Full disclosure of.
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American football is one of the most watched events in the United States. American football involves two teams of eleven trying to get to the other team's goal with.
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Minnesota Vikings football team player salary, team payroll and salary ranking.
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Despite the growing popularity of soccer in the United States, salaries for Major League Soccer players trail those of players in countries where soccer is a national.

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